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These are just a few links of interest that I've come across on the WWW.

Band Links--General

Band Links--High School

Band Links--College & University

Other Links

Band Links--General

Bands of America

Drum Corps International

MarchingBands Online


The Marching Emporium

The Marching Percussion Web Site

John Philip Sousa Page

Band Links--High School:

(note: all bands are from Tennessee unless otherwise noted)

Beech (Hendersonville) High School Buccaneer Brigade

Brentwood High School Band

Columbia Central High School Band

David Lipscomb (Nashville) High School Marching Mustang Band

Dickson County High School Band

Fairview High School Band (the other one, from Pennsylvania)

Franklin High School Marching Rebels

Glencliff (Nashville) High School Band

Harpeth (Pegram) High School Band of Blue

Hope (AR) High School Superband

John Overton (Nashville) High School Band

Lassiter (Marietta, GA) High School Band

LaVergne High School Band

Lewis County High School Spirit of the High Forest

McGavock (Nashville) High School Band

Obion County Central High School Rebel Band

Pickerington (OH) High School Marching Tigers

Portland High School Marching Panther Band

Russell County (KY) High School Mighty Laker Band

Sallisaw (OK) High School Band

Todd County (KY) Central High School Rebel Band

Union City High School Golden Tornado Band

Band Links--College & University

Compendium of College Marching Bands

The 5th Quarter--Historically Black College and University Marching Bands

Arizona State University Sun Devil Band

Cornell University Big Red Band

Florida A&M University Marching 100

Florida State University Marching Chiefs

Middle Tennessee State University Band

Ohio State University Marching Band

The Huge, The Enormous, The Well-Endowed, Undefeated, Ivy League Champion University of Pennsylvania Oxymoronic Fighting Quaker Marching Band

Princeton University Band

Leland Stanford Junior (pause) University Marching Band

Tennessee State University Aristocrat of Bands

Tennessee Technological University Golden Eagle Band

University of Kentucky Band

University of Michigan Band

University of Notre Dame Band of the Fighting Irish

University of Tennessee Pride of the Southland Band

Vanderbilt University Spirit of Gold Band

The Award-Winning Virginia Fighting Cavalier Indoor/Outdoor Precision (?) Marching Pep Band and Chowder Society Review, Unlimited

The Williams College Ramblin', Scramblin', Oopin', Doopin', Hippin', Trippin', Crunchin', Lunchin', Smokin', Tokin', Washin', Galoshin', Imbibin', Proscribin', Atrocious, Precocious, Redeemin', Careenin', Abscondin', Respondin', Relentin', Presentin', Bodacious, Loquacious, Bespeckled, Well-Freckled, and in all other respects Way Cool Mucho Macho Moocow Marching Band and Spelling Bee

Other Links:

City of Fairview Home Page

Fairview High School

Fairview Middle School

The Fairview Observer


News Channel 5 Online

The (Franklin) Review appeal

Taco Bell

The Tennessean

Tennessee School for the Blind (this is where I graduated from high school after leaving FHS)

Williamson County Schools

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