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What's New on This Site

On this page I will be keeping track of all updates to the site.

12/3/98: Site created; Home Page goes online.

12/4/98: Marching Band, Concert Band, and Sights pages created; site added to Band Nerds' Webring.

12/5/98: Sounds, Band History, and What's New pages created; site added to The Marching Emporium.

12/6/98: Links page created; Guestbook added.

1/6/99: History subdirectory created.

1/7/99: 1990s page added to History subdirectory; Humor subdirectory created.

1/11/99: "You Might Be A Black Beret If..." list added to Humor subdirectory.

1/12/99: Links to Lassiter High School Band and Russell County High School Band added.

1/14/99: List of 1990s marching shows added to 1990s page.

1/26/99: Site added to Marching Band Web Ring

2/15/99: Links to Fairview High School and Taco Bell added.

11/12/99: History subdirectory reorganized; 1970s page changed to "1972-83: The Early Years"

12/02/99: Reorganization of History subdirectory continues; 1980s page changed to "1984-92: The Sound O(f) Gold"

12/03/99: Reorganization of History subdirectory continues; 1990s page changed to "1993-Present: Breakout" and 1999 show info added; FIRST ANNIVERSARY OF SITE!!!!

5/19/00: First update in over 5 months!!! 1990-92 show info moved to 1984-92 page; all show info gathered so far is now in chronological order.

5/30/00: History subdirectory reorganization continues with creation of 1979-83 page; dedication to '93 Sound O' Gold Marching Band added to home page.

7/17/02: Links to Fairview Observer and (Franklin) Review Appeal newspapers added.

7/24/02: Index pages added to History and Humor subdirectories (because Tripod no longer allows subdirectories to be viewed otherwise); revisions made to "12 Days of Band Camp" and "You Might Be a Black Beret If..." pages.

7/31/02: Links to, the John Philip Sousa Page, the Compendium of College Marching Bands, and The 5th Quarter added.

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