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You Might Be A Black Beret If...

This page is dedicated to the Sound O' Gold's percussion section, the Black Berets, so named because they sport the floppy, ebony-colored headgear recently made (in)famous by a certain White House intern. More specifically, this page is dedicated to my comrades in the original group of BBs from the 1993 marching season: Jeremy Anderson, Sam Anderson, Ben Blaylock, Joe Burlison, J.R. Cary, James "Sugar Free" Cobb, Brad Coleman, Travis Lampley, Grant Lane, Donny McCormick, and Tamatha "Tammy" Monday.


You give names to rats you find in the drum room.

Every morning in band when the roll is called, you scream out the names of band members (usually percussionists) who graduated several years ago.

You make up lists like this one.

(note: this page is always under construction)

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